Encouraging busy women to actively seek BALANCE.

Shining a light on the importance of finding time for God, self, and good old-fashioned fun.

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Shining a light on the importance of finding time for God, self, and good old-fashioned fun.

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    Take heart and do not lose faith when weariness tempts you to abandon your efforts. The dreams and callings planted in your heart are meant to be pursued with relentless perseverance. The same eternal God who blessed you with those yearnings and visions has boundless stores of spiritual energy to fuel you for the journey ahead, so Don’t Stop! Keep Going!

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    This new normal was anything but normal to me. The prior Federal agency I worked for the past 14 years wouldn’t have dreamed of such organized disruption. The thought of a civilian employee vacating their position for a temporary assignment, in the name of...

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    I needed air. The weight of disappointment made it difficult for me to catch my breath. I felt sick from dehydration. If I had known earlier I would have cried so many tears, I would have consumed the 36-pack of bottled water I brought with me to the Christian...

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    Be sure to check out the Latest Devotionals by Vivian!

    A 3-Day Devotional

    We have all experienced seasons of unbalance; however, we can avoid them in the future by asking God to reveal the vulnerable areas in our lives that open the door to the enemy. In this 3-day devotional, we will learn how to overcome Satan’s plot and experience God’s plan for us to live a balanced life.

    A 3-Day Devotional

    One of the most common forms of communication God used in biblical times was symbolism in dreams and visions. In this devotional, we will learn how to discern and share God’s messages with wisdom as we delve deeper into interpreting the divine messages behind God-given dreams.

    A 3-Day Devotional

    Motivation is more important to God than action. When our motives are rooted in love, selflessness, and a desire to honor God, our actions can bear rich spiritual fruit. In this Bible plan we will learn how to achieve balance through good works as we pursue motives that matter.

    A 3-Day Devotional

    Setting goals is biblical, however, yielding to God’s greater design is where true fulfillment lies. In this 3-day devotional, we will learn how to journey towards achieving our goals while trusting that God’s path leads to the most remarkable destinations.

    “God created us to thrive, not just survive.”


    For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you, says the Lord, plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.  – Jeremiah 29:11

    Hi My name is Vivian

    I am a military wife (retired), stepmom to two adult kids, Glammy to five grandkids, a career professional, and a Jesus follower since childhood. I am also a recovering perfectionist, control freak, and workaholic. My husband calls me Cupcake and says I am “something else,” which is a subtle way of saying I overdo everything. My mom claims that I can be “a bit much,” and according to my dad, I came out of the womb talking. I guess some things never change. I still talk a lot. Storytelling, mentoring women, and sharing lessons learned are my jam. 

    Baby books say my name means “lively,” but I haven’t always felt lively. I wasted many years drowning in self-inflicted stress, stress-related illness, work, anxiety, frustration, and worry. Living a balanced life, with God at the helm, was not on my priority list until I had no choice but to slow down and trust Him. I guess I should have added “cancer survivor” to the list of qualities that define me.

    In 2020, I rededicated my life to the Lord after a lifetime of selfish ambition. It has been a journey, but the most important thing I have learned so far is that God never intended for us to live overwhelmed, hurried, and burned out. He desires to give us an abundant life, a balanced life, which I believe requires vigilance, intention, and surrender. 

    At the age of 51, I am having a blast! If I am not exploring the back roads of wine country with my husband in “Marilyn,” our 1968 C-10 pickup, I am playing at a dude ranch, cheering at a motocross race, hiking mountain trails, reading, writing, and blogging on my back patio, or watching documentaries and re-runs of Friday Night Lights in my jammies. Learning to give up control, embracing imperfection, and adding fun, self-care, and rest to my life have been a game changer. Now, I can honestly say I am living up to my name!

    MemoryBlogger Platform

    The Heart Behind the platform

    I love nostalgia. I enjoy reminiscing, swapping stories, and being inspired and encouraged by others’ experiences, testimonies, and miracles. I agree with Nintendo’s quit-screen warning that says, “Everything not saved will be lost”. I believe in legacy. Visit Website



    I love nostalgia. I enjoy reminiscing, swapping stories, and being inspired and encouraged by others’ experiences, testimonies, and miracles. I agree with Nintendo’s quit-screen warning that says, “Everything not saved will be lost”. I believe in legacy. 

    The inspiration behind MemoryBlogger came in 2021 while conducting research for a biography I was writing. That experience revealed surprising information regarding the main character’s identity. He was not who he thought he was. Neither was his father. The discovery generated more questions than answers, as those who had the answers – who knew the truth – had already passed. With the help of Ancestry.com, public records, and some pretty impressive investigation skills (if I do say so myself!), the main character and I were able to piece together enough of the untold story to give the family clarity and closure.

    This experience left a strong impression on me. It invoked a desire to chronicle my own stories, life experiences, and testimonies. This quickly evolved into the creation of MemoryBlogger, a web-based community of friends who share the same appetite for story-telling and legacy building.

    Have a story to share with otherS?

    Do you have an encouraging word, a testimony, a short story, or memory you would like to share and preserve? Perfect – we want to hear from you! To submit a short story or memory for consideration to be posted on the MemoryBlogger site, please click on the ‘Submit Your Blog’ and follow the instructions listed in the submissions form.

    Support and Suggestions

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    8 Ways to Avoid and Reverse Employee Burnout

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    Freebies are fun! By signing up today, you not only receive The Out of Balance Believer Prayer Guide, but you also become eligible for monthly giveaways. Prizes include a free 30-minute brainstorming session on how you can actively seek (and find!) balance in your life, and chances to win MemoryBlogger merchandise. See below for merchandise details.

    Mug: This white, 11 oz ceramic MemoryBlogger mug encourages us to share our moments. Whether you are reminiscing with loved ones or reflecting quietly on your own, this cozy mug pairs perfectly with your favorite hot or cold beverage. 

    Journal: Jot down those unforgettable memories, prayers, and testimonies in this 7-1/2” x 5-3/4” writer’s journal. Featuring 80 sheets (160 pages) of lined, white notebook paper, this journal is designed with a hard cover and a faux leather finish debossed with the MemoryBlogger design. 

    Wine Glasses: For those who enjoy a relaxing glass of wine, these glasses are etched with the MemoryBlogger design and logo, these Napa wine glasses are shipped as a pair. The classic design features a thick stem, sturdy base, and a curved bowl that holds 7.75 ounces.


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