I am not sure how I ended up crying in front of a shelf of taco shells and carb-control tortillas holding a copy of Woman’s World magazine. Nevertheless, there I stood, weepy and alone, in the middle of the grocery aisle at the Santa Rosa Safeway. My heart fluttered at the sight of my own photograph printed at the top of page 49. Through salty tears, my eyes scanned each word aligned to the right of my smiling face. I already knew the story. I did not have to read it. You see, the words written on the page were mine. I wrote them.

It was only one paragraph. A short, succinct story of faith, love, and compassion. It shared the page with two other stories written by two other women. I wondered if they were like me, overwhelmed with gratitude at seeing their work in print. My story did not stand out, nor did my photo, but neither mattered to me. It was the first time my writing was published in a national magazine; I waited years for this moment. It was the small beginning of a big dream.

Do you have a dream in your heart that consumes your every thought? Do you find yourself fantasizing about the day your dream comes true? If you are like me, I bet you can visualize yourself basking in its glory right now, knowing that all your hard work and sacrifice finally paid off. I remember the day God planted a dream in my heart. I was giddy with excitement that I was going to publish a book one day. Not just any ole book either. A book inspired by true events that would find its way to the big screen. I told everyone. “Hey! Guess what? I’m writing a book!” Friends and family fed off my energy and relished hearing snippets of the story as it unfolded throughout the chapters. I was a writing machine that first year. At the rate I was going, I figured the book would be sitting on the shelves of bookstores in no time. I am afraid I may have misjudged the timing – by a lot. The dream was planted five years ago. I am still writing. Still waiting.

The part about having a God-given dream that I don’t like is the waiting part. I want to see the dream come to fruition now – not later. I often remind God that I am in my 50s and would like to see the dream come to pass before He calls me home to Heaven, or before I am too old to care anymore. Every time I start to get antsy about the time it is taking to see significant success, my spirit recalls the words of 2 Peter 3:8, With the Lord, a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. This scripture provides zero comfort to me, but it is a great reminder that God’s timing and mine are different. His timing is perfect and knowing that gives me comfort.

There are many stories in the Bible of people whom God promised great things, yet they had to wait to see the dream come to pass. Joseph waited 13 years before he was placed in a position of authority over Egypt. David waited 22 years before being crowned the King of Israel. Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years before they had Isaac, their promised son. Each story has multiple lessons learned embedded throughout, but the major takeaway for me is that fulfilling a dream (promise) involves preparation and patience, and every big dream starts small.

During seasons of waiting, God is working. He is moving pieces of life around, aligning circumstances and people in our favor, and preparing our character so it may sustain the dream placed in our hearts. It is easy to get discouraged during the waiting period, as God usually does not share with us the blueprint for the dream. Therefore, we must trust that things are moving at the pace they should and keep doing what we know to do, no matter how small or insignificant the task may seem.

Waiting these five years for my dream to come to fruition has taught me to be intentional about seeking the positive attributes of small beginnings. No longer do I compare myself to others or become jealous of their success. God’s plan for my dream, and yours, is different – and it is good! (Jeremiah 29:11) I find encouragement in knowing the following truths about small beginnings.

  1. Humility. Big dreams can feel impossible, but with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). It is wise to remember that strength in conquering the impossible comes from God (Philippians 4:13). When we acknowledge our limitations and rely on God’s strength, wisdom, and provision, He can work through us in ways that surpass our capabilities.
  2. Character development. Small beginnings offer opportunities for character development and spiritual growth. Through the challenges, lessons, and experiences of starting small, God can mold us, shape our character, and instill resilience and faith.
  3. Confidence. God often works through small, incremental growth processes. Just as He nurtures and develops a small seed over time, God can use small beginnings to nurture confidence and build strong competence in our abilities.
  4. Sustainable progress. Starting small allows for a pace that is sustainable over the long term. Small beginnings serve as a protective measure against taking on too much too soon and becoming out-of-balance and overwhelmed with excessive demands and responsibilities.
  5. Pleasing unto God. God loves small beginnings. They are a part of His larger plan. He rejoices in each step forward in the journey He has ordained for us. When we take those initial steps, we demonstrate our trust in His plan. Small beginnings involve seeking God, relying on Him, and turning to Him for guidance and strength – all of which are delightful in the eyes of God.

I bought five copies of Woman’s World magazine that day. I don’t know why I felt compelled to purchase so many, nor do I know what I will do with all five copies. I just know that I am thankful. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my gift with the world. I trust the story touches the hearts of those it is meant to touch.

One small step leads to another – even giants started out as babies. Thank God for small beginnings.

Scripture Reading: Zechariah 4:10 NLT

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.


Lord, I come before You in prayer, acknowledging that every dream starts with a small beginning. I thank you for the opportunities and blessings that come with new beginnings, no matter how small they may seem, and ask for your guidance and grace to stay balanced throughout the journey. I recognize that staying balanced is crucial as I navigate the path of small beginnings. Grant me the wisdom to prioritize my time, energy, and resources wisely. Help me to maintain a healthy balance between my personal, professional, and spiritual life, ensuring none overshadows the other. Give me the discernment to set realistic goals and expectations, knowing that finding balance requires intentional choices. Please guide me in staying grounded and focused amidst the busyness and demands that small beginnings may bring. I entrust my small beginnings and the pursuit of balance into Your hands. In Jesus’ name. Amen.